Photography by Neil Moore, Fairfield, Ohio.

Please see some of my framed image at the Breakfast Club Restaurant in Lebanon, OH


The Art of Seeing

The challenge of photography is to be aware of all elements in a scene before it is photographed and evaluate what elements should be in the image and what should be omitted. More importantly, one must develop a “Strong Feeling” for the image so the images expresses not only what is scene, but what you feel as you create the photograph. A photograph is a visual language that allows one to communicate thoughts or emotions through abstract symbols. The final image should express your feelings and emotions as you viewed the scene and may not necessarily reflect what you actually saw. When you view a scene you must be able to visualize it in terms of photographic symbols of lines, tones, textures, shapes and colors. Composition is the art of creating structural and emotional relationships between the various elements in an image when viewed through the viewfinder of the camera.

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